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Salute e brindisi

Cheers to a new
energy source!

A new energy from the waste of the wine production chain


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The Company and its Resource

Based on the waste that the company produces to meet the needs of the company, we supported the first phase of research for the regeneration of the waste resource.

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Cheers to a New Energy

By exploiting the waste from the agri-food sector, in this particular case, the waste from the wine production chain, a new energy can be generated.

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A New Life for the Waste

Thanks to the regeneration of waste, it is possible to make photovoltaic cell modules with organic dye (DSSC) integrated in a specially designed and produced glazed architectural support.

It will be possible to generate a new source of electricity in a sustainable and renewable way, creating a modern energy system, perfectly integrated into the environment.

Read the full article of our case study

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The regeneration process starts from your company

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