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ChEERS supports and enhances scientific research


We promote applied scientific research to foster and implement sustainable innovation processes and technology transfer.

We are funding green-focused PhD programmes through the programme: "PON ricerca e innovazione 2014-2020 - Education and research for recovery - REACT-EU"


ChEERS for green PhD programs

Together ChEERS and PON want to enhance human capital with scientific PhD programs focused on topics such as sustainable energy production, reduction of environmental impacts due to climate change, and the promotion of sustainable development for the circular economy.

The projects

New materials from wastes: A valorization frame for circular economy

The exploitation of by-products and waste from many agro-industrial sectors represents a unique opportunity to start a path of sustainable growth. In particular, these by-products can be recovered by transforming them into new materials, primarily by reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of, thereby by increasing the economic added value that can be obtained from them.
The three-year project aims to apply the concept of circular economy, designing and synthesizing new materials, both in bulk and nanostructured form obtained from waste products, and to remove them from the usual disposal path.

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Confined catalysis in layered materials for the sustainable hydrogen production through water splitting

In this project, is proposed a new type of catalysis, known as confined catalysis, using innovative and sustainable 2D materials, such as transition metal trichalcogenides.

These two-dimensional systems are naturally layered, with gaps between each layers that can provide a useful platform to confine an additional active catalyst within them. This recent strategy has an impressive potential to revolutionize the field of catalysis, offering a new possibility for the production of green hydrogen at low cost.

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