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Scienziato maschio

Our Idea for a
Sustainable World

The application of the concept of circular economy for the companies. From the production process we identify which produced wastes can be properly exploited, to propose an advanced and innovative scientific research for the regeneration and enhancement of waste resources, which acquire a new life as «second raw material», usable in other industrial realities.

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The innovative Spinoff-Start-up CHEERS was born in 2020 from the encounter between complementary professionals in their studies and work experiences, bringing skills and innovation in science and technology transfer.


Here we are, together, for a sustainable world


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Mirko Greggio

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Consultant of large companies. His work is focused on proposing and implementing projects of technological innovation - both process and product - within the corporate structures of large, medium and small public and private organization that operate in different sectors.

Prof. Elisa Moretti

Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems - Ca' Foscari University of Venice
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The competences of Prof. Elisa Moretti, of the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems of Ca' Foscari University of Venice are mainly in the field of inorganic chemistry, catalysis, and in particular in the design and engineering of nanosystems for energy and environmental applications.

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Dr. Stefano Meneghetti

Quality and Sustainability
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With technical-scientific expertise, Dr. Stefano Meneghetti has long been involved in quality, sustainability and the environment in a private company.

Dr. Aldo Talon

High level technological solution

Dr. Aldo Talon has strong expertise in materials science and a high level of experience in the design and manufacture of materials and technological solutions.

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Dr. Nicolò Spigariol

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Thanks to his master’s degree in "Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials" and his experience in research and development, Nicolò Spigariol deals with synthesizing and characterizing new materials for our customers.



Starting from the assumption that "where there is a waste, there is an opportunity", we bring you, by way of example, the first case that we developed in collaboration with the winery Serena Wines 1881 srl.


Serena Wines 1881

We have taken into consideration the so-called winemaking lees, currently disposed of as waste with code CER 020703 and we have created photovoltaic cell modules with organic dye to be integrated into glass facades, to generate renewable and sustainable electricity.

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