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Give new life to your waste resources

New economic resources, reduced disposal costs: lead your business towards a sustainable future

We identify waste in the production chain of agricultural, manufacturing, textile, and multi-utility companies. We initiate an advanced scientific research project to transform them into secondary raw materials.

Advanced Scientific Research

We have and provide advanced instrumentation from the Ca' Foscari University Scientific Campus.

Birth of a New Product

Through applied scientific research from wastes, we create high value, innovative and sustainable materials of interest for companies.

Regeneration and Valorization of Matter

We evaluate, directly with the client, all business flows producing a waste material.

New and Innovative Usage of the Product

We follow closely the implementation on larger scale of the generated product.


The Future of the Planet Starts Now

Are we really valorizing all the resources for a concretely renewable world?

We can create much more:

a regeneration and a valorization of the leftover, for a new and innovative purpose of employement of second hand raw material


Cheers and the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice cooperating together in a Spin-off – innovative Start up that operates in the field of circular economy for the sake of the planet


Developing together the creation of a sustainable world

We study the production process' flows to then identify which waste produced by the company can be properly exploited to propose an advanced and innovative scientific research for the regeneration and enhancement of waste resources, that acquires a new life as a "second raw material", usable in other industrial realities.



Department of Molecular Science and Nanosystems 

Via Torino, 155 Mestre VE

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